Aristokrat Series FAQ

Will the Aristokrat Series scratch with my lawn furniture on it?

Most materials will scratch over time HOWEVER the Aristokrat Slabs’ finish is so strong, that you can sharpen a knife or screwdriver on it, so your lawn furniture should not be a problem.

How long will the color last?

UV testing has not shown any fading. We have had the product installed in all weather extremes for many years without any deterioration.

What about efflorescence?

Efflorescence will not occur in the Aristokrat Slab Series. They are not manufactured using cement powder, which is the key factor in the development of efflorescence.

Can I seal my Aristokrat Slabs?

No, do not seal your Aristokrat Slabs as they have such low absorbency and are very stain resistant.
However, if your installation method requires grouted joints, then it is recommended to seal the grout to prevent staining.

How do I clean them?

Any mild or harsh cleaner may be used. Aristokrat Slabs are not affected by acids, alkalies, solvents or abrasives. You can power wash the slabs but most marks can be removed with a mild detergent and water (far better for the environment).

How much do they weigh?

Aristokrat Slabs weigh 9 lb. per square foot, compared to  2” concrete slabs which are 24 lbs. and natural stone can be in excess of 30 lbs. per square foot.  The lower weight saves on delivery cost, installation time and reduces engineering requirements for the reinforcement of decks.

How can the slabs be installed?

Aristokrat Slabs can be installed with BlackJack® Pedestals, Expanded Polypropylene Panels (EPP), Aggregate or Mortar Set and also be installed in permeable paving applications.

Do the slabs require spacing between them?

Yes, spacing is required between the slabs to avoid squeaking and chipping with natural movement. All units of the Aristokrat Series are pre-engineered to be used in combination with a 3mm joint, allowing the creation of a wide range of patterns.

How do you cut the slabs?

Any good quality continuous diamond blade will cut the slabs. The finer the blade the smoother the cut.

How strong are they?

Aristokrat Slabs are very strong. Four times stronger than concrete and up to 10 times stronger than natural stone.

How many sizes and colors are available?

In our Abbotsford warehouse, we stock over 20 colors in 6 different sizes available for immediate shipping.
Standard Sizes:
23-1/2” x 47-1/4” x 3/4”,       23-1/2” x 35-5/16” x 3/4”     23-1/2” x 23-1/2” x 3/4”    17-5/8” x 35-5/16” x 3/4”    17-5/8” x 17-5/8” x 3/4”
11-3/4" x 23 1/2" x 3/4" (298mm x 598mm x 20mm) Bull-nosed Coping and Stair Treads are available in all colors except the wood planks.  (IronWood, Sequoia, BeachWood, Tamarack)

Wood Plank Size:
8-3/4” x 35-5/16” x 3/4”    All sizes are nominal.

Are there variations in color between slabs.

Our designers have aspired to create unique patterns and finishes to imitate the look of natural stone. Each color or piece in the Aristokrat Series has subtle shading and pattern changes to emulate as though it were quarried from the piece next to it. Keeping in mind that nature creates but never duplicates, it is important when installing that you select slabs from numerous pallets to ensure even blending throughout your project.

Are they fireproof for use under my BBQ or in front of my outdoor fireplace?

Aristokrat Slabs are totally fireproof but care should be used that your supporting structure is also fireproof.

How does the price compare with other forms of paving?

Aristokrat Slabs are about twice the price of concrete slabs and similar in price to natural stone. The advantage lies in the quality and consistency of the product. No fading, durable, scratch resistant, easy to clean, light weight, ease of installation and superior strength.

Are they slip resistant?

The Aristokrat Series is manufactured with an anti-slip finish. Independent lab testing results confirm a low probability of slipping.

What about frost and de-icing the slabs?

Like any surface, if there is an accumulation of moisture that is subject to freezing, ice could form resulting in a slippery surface. This can be easily rectified with the use of standard de-icing products.


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